Looking inward and thinking outward – an ode to Spring

by lorendoolittle

Pocket Mirrors by Felix Doolittle

Spring has arrived, at least by the measure of the light, but the days are still cold as a bear here in Boston. Maybe Spring has shown it’s face a little more generously where you live? Maybe you even already have crocuses and snowdrops? Or maybe forsythia, magnolias, and be still, the dogwoods and flowering cherries, apple, and plums are abloom? Just writing a list of the flowers to come feels like a prayer, a song, or a poem, an ode to Spring!

To remind you of Spring and everything new at Felix Doolittle, there are inspired new mirrors to see that come with a hand-sewn felt pouch and the cutest (and the most sophisticated) illustrations. There’s an Apple Blossom mirror in Hello! by Felix Doolittle, and you can find the others here under the Gifts tab. Here’s looking at you kid!

Pretty Pocket Mirrors by Felix Doolittle

Wherever you are in the blooming calendar, it’s time to shake off hibernation and get out again – meet your neighbors, meet new people, and network anew! There’s also a brand new crop of Personal Calling Cards to help forge those new relationships. Here’s a few of them that I had a fun time photographing. Continue through the gallery below and you’ll be rewarded with another 10 year anniversary giveaway!

pcc_9716 copy pcc_9729 copy 2 pcc_9740 copy

Personal Calling Cards by Felix Doolittle

Spring just makes you want to leap for joy, doesn’t it?!

pcc_9754 copy pcc_9760 copy Thistle - Personal Calling Cards by Felix Doolittle

Felix loves moss, terrariums, and aquariums. It used to be that he would redecorate the fish tanks when someone was coming for a visit (no kidding), but these days he creates terrariums filled with tiny-leafed little plants to create a miniature emerald world. I guess he can’t wait for Spring either! I decided that one of the new ones would make a grand backdrop.

pcc_9775 Purple and Red - Personal Calling Cards by Felix Doolittle Thistle - Personal Calling Card by Felix Doolittle Thistle - Personal Calling Cards by Felix Doolittle

 That’s just 4 of the new ones. There are many more new ones and old faves to see, and they’re

20% off through Mon, March 31st.


Go ahead and make an extraordinarily memorable impression!

Our 10 year anniversary giveaways continue!

The Prize: This time, a pack of Personal Calling Cards – but better – 12 each of 4 different calling card illustrations. This was a very coveted item in one of our giveaways last year, so I’m repeating it.

How to enter: Visit our site, and let us know in the comments below which illustration (from any department) you would like to see as a print to hang on your wall.  Enter through Monday, March 31st. (eeks, March is going fast!) I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, April 2nd.

Good luck and thanks for joining in the conversation!

Happy Anniversary FD!

Happy Spring!

Pink Poppies by Felix Doolittle

Felix Doolittle