Celebrating Books, Spring, and our 10 Year Anniversary!

by lorendoolittle

It is not yet Spring, but everyone knows it’s appearance is just a matter of time, days really. The sun has shifted and strengthened. The fig in our house has woken up and started blooming, albeit a little too early. The children know – their excitement escalates each day as night takes ever longer to finally fall. Soon every living thing will burst through and blossom, and we’ll rejoice that we made it through yet another winter, one filled with arctic vortexes and a landscape that was often hard and unforgiving.

As a reminder of what’s happily ahead, Felix drew some new illustrations. What’s coming? Green! Pinks! Purples! Tulips, heady lilacs, giant allium balls of little purple flowers, sweet tiny-flowered lily of the valleys, and peonies on bookmarks to brighten your day and reading. Here’s another new set for the purple-blue-indigo lovers called…

We’ve also updated our selection of Ex Libris Medallions and lowered their price because our artisan production team have gotten to be aces in cutting them more quickly with the same accuracy.  They feel more casual than the Bookplates, and I find I use them more readily without the decision or distinction of whether the book “warrants” a bookplate or not. They’re fun!

 Ex Lib Medallions by Felix Doolittle

We updated our Bookplates last Autumn and lowered their quantity and price so that’s it’s easier to choose multiples for different kinds of books. There’s a bunch of beautiful Felix illustrations in this collection, and they make an unique gift idea for any bookworm. Below is Felix’s drawing of Gapstow Bridge in Central Park, NYC in Spring. Aaah!

Central Park Bookplates by Felix Doolittle

The good news is that all these bookish products are 20% off* 

What are you reading?  I got caught up in the vortex of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series.  Quick aside: Did you know that J.K. Rowling is a big fan of Felix Doolittle and once bought up an entire stationery boutique’s stock of Felix Doolittle note cards? But I digress. Our son started reading the the series, and we all got caught up in the wondrously complex, delightful, and suspenseful world that she creates. Her writing is especially vivid and each scene is written with a photographer’s eye for the surrounding details of both place and character. We’re on Book 5 now, alternately reading it to ourselves and out loud for everyone to share in the experience.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  Swampwalkers-Journal-Cover-200x3001Felix is currently reading a book, which is humorous when you know Felix because you wonder why he didn’t write it himself, called  The Swampwalker’s Journal, A Wetlands Year.  Beautifully written and illustrated with a keen and poetic eye by David M. Carroll, I’m surprised I haven’t tried to set up a meeting between him and Felix as he lives just over the border in New Hampshire. The names of his two other books:  The Year of the Turtle and Trout Reflections would be perfect Father’s Day gifts for him along with a walk through a swamp with the author. Felix loves swamplands and reptiles. I used to think it was a funny (in a weird way), but have since learned to appreciate the unique life that lives in places where fresh water and land meet.

There are so many wonderful books to read, the hardest part is often just choosing which to read at any given moment!

Celebrating our 10th Year – The Giveaways Begin!

Did you know that Felix Doolittle is 10 years old?! It’s true. Time flies, and we thought we should get around to celebrating. Next week we’ll share the cake we’ll be having with you, and we’re planning on a number of giveaways. You are our gift, and our favors for being part of it all is our gifts back to you!

Our first giveaway is the book by Margaret Shepherd, The Art of the Handwritten Note. It’s a useful guide that really captures why handwriting a note is so special. She even gives some tips to improve your handwriting and ideas if you’re stymied on how to approach different types of notes. I enjoyed the book so much when I read it that Felix and I contacted and met with the author in her Boston studio. We’re giving away the book and a set of Ex Libris Medallions to two lucky winners.

The Art of the Handwritten Note

 Ex Libris Meds 2

To enter: Let us know in the comments below what book you’re reading, or the last one that you loved, PLUS a comment or suggestion for Felix Doolittle.

 *The 20% off sale on Illustrated Bookmarks, Ex Libris Medallions, and Bookplates continues through Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Felix Doolittle

We have our two winners – Kim Hoover Grubb and Bee Eastman!  Thank you all for entering!
Felix Doolittle