An inspired poem!

by lorendoolittle

Welcome back to the FD Sketches blog! We’ve taken up the pen again, and we will be posting at least once a week.

For our return from hiatus, I’d like to feature a poem that was inspired by the Felix Doolittle Temple of Trees Illustrated Bookmarks.  It was written by Robyn Bleakney, our new assistant, as her writing sample for the job interview. It’s beautiful and thoughtful.  Additionally, when we asked her during one of the interviews why she wanted to work here, she replied that she liked that “we are a small company doing big things!”  The choice, as you can see and read, was obvious!

Poem Inspired by “Temple of Trees” 

What lies in the sturdiness
Of these trunks
With leaves boasting yellow against the sky
Is an understanding of the age of things;
A hint of an inaccessible memory.

Solid and old – not thinking,
But representing wisdom
Rooted and growing
After witnessing everything
Not to tell just one story
Ever— but to confirm that something stands

If they could lean in low and speak
These grand old men in their silent continuum
What belongs to them
Is a story that reaches beyond our time
In both directions,
A tale of the strength we forget we have.

The underestimated presence of Grandmothers,
Grandfathers; of neighbors and scandal,
Regret and forgiveness
And the connectedness we scurry for—
Inventing things that must be done—
Must buy, must finish, must fix…

“We are reminders,” they say,
“Not revelations. We are here.”
To lean against them
To feel the bark on your shoulder
To remind your body again,
Of dependability: of Strength.

-Robyn Bleakney

This weekend, maybe you’ll find the time to look at the trees in your environment with greater depth of thought or feeling. We look forward to meeting and sharing with you here again!