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Month: April, 2012


by alicedoolittle

This sketch was a study for a commission project that Felix completed a few years ago.  Felix was inspired to paint these lovely girls as mermaids  after visiting the family’s home and seeing them sitting on the rocks.  The background was inspired by Japanese woodcut prints.  The full moon and the reflection of the light on the water capture the magic of summer evenings by the sea.

If Felix were to paint your family, would they also be mermaids, or does another creature (real or mythical) come to mind?  A quick poll of the studio revealed our animal counterparts range from polar bears, to birds, fish and dragons.  Let us know in the comments what you would be!

We love French Macaroons

by alicedoolittle

macaron chart - laduree

In these uncertain times, we know one thing for sure- we are living in the age of the French Macaroon!  “Le Macaron” was created in the early 20th century by Pierre Desfontaines, the second cousin of Louis Ernest Ladurée, founder of the famous Ladurée pastry shop in Paris and are a quintessentially french cookie- petite, elegant and available in a vast array of sophisticated flavors and colors.

We adore these delicious and colorful little cookies  and Felix’s illustration inspired by the elegant treats (available in our Mother’s Day Note Cards, Personalized Note Cards, Small Note Cards, Chef’s Medallions and Personal Calling Cards) is a runaway hit among our Customers.

So today we celebrate the bright, sweet, melt in your mouth, vibrant and colorful macaroon!


macs 2 oh joy

 1. via oh joy! 2. via Felix Doolittle  3. via Ladurée  4. via This is Glamorous  5. via oh joy!

Vive le macaron!  What are your favorite treats- do you share our love for Parisian pastry or prefer cupcakes or italian ice or rainbow cakes?  Please let us know in the comments!

River Bank

by alicedoolittle

To celebrate the warm weather and lush greenery that seem to be here to stay, we wanted to share Felix’s sketch of a river bank with you.   Is there anything more relaxing than spending some time by a quiet river with a good book or friend?

Pen Pals

by alicedoolittle

Did you know that Groucho Marx and T.S. Eliot were Pen Pals?  Their correspondence began with Eliot’s request for one of Marx’s head shots, and the two hit it off!  We are envious of both- corresponding with either would be a dream come true.  A note from Eliot would be beautifully poetic, while a letter from Groucho would be an especially silly and joyful gift.

Take, for example, the letter that Groucho sent when he received Eliot’s photograph in exchange:

The two finally met after 3 years of correspondence, but unfortunately their pen pal relationship fizzled soon after.  There is something so special and calming about a friendship over letters- perhaps it is the luxury of time to mull things over, put time into a response, and revisit certain conversations.

All of this has us thinking- if either of the prolific letter writers could have used Felix Doolittle stationery, which illustrations would they have chosen?  In my estimation, Eliot would likely chose the Vintage Typewriter illustration, but for Marx I have no question in my mind that the only thing for him would be… you guessed it: Men’s Club.


For more great stories about historic letters, check out Anna Knoebel’s monthly article on letters on The Outlet!

A chair

by alicedoolittle

“A chair” is a poem written by a second grader and illustrated by Felix.  As a child, Felix was a champion poetry reciter (a popular school activity in Hong Kong) and he loves collaborating with younger artists.

If you know any junior poets who would like their poems illustrated by Felix, please be sure to let us know! Email the poems to felix@felixdoolittle.com with the subject line:  Children’s Poetry. Make sure to keep an eye out for more illustrated poems in the future!

Mother’s Day Note Cards

by alicedoolittle


Our limited edition Mother’s Day note cards have arrived- but they are only available until May 13!  Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays- May is such a beautiful month and it is a wonderful day to relax and celebrate the important women in our lives.  We love to enjoy the spring flora and fauna and pack a picnic in the park- How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?

Evolution of an illustration: Field Trips

by alicedoolittle

Spring is in full bloom here in New England, and while all of us are enjoying cherry blossoms, magnolias and daffodils, Felix is loving the muddier aspects of Spring- fishing, “swamp-hopping” and searching for turtles and other reptiles.

Here you can see the evolution of one of his illustrations called, “Field Trips”- a celebration of turtles, tadpoles, hiking, orienteering and bird watching.  (Psst- It is one of the illustrations available on our Camp Postcards)    We love this illustration because it is just so Felix- those of you who read our questions for Felix may remember that he has a collection of turtles, newts and fish at home!

How do you enjoy Spring?  Do you also love nature hikes and “swamp-hopping” or do you prefer picnics and gardening or just dining al fresco downtown?  Let us know in the comments!


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