Pen Pals

by alicedoolittle

Did you know that Groucho Marx and T.S. Eliot were Pen Pals?  Their correspondence began with Eliot’s request for one of Marx’s head shots, and the two hit it off!  We are envious of both- corresponding with either would be a dream come true.  A note from Eliot would be beautifully poetic, while a letter from Groucho would be an especially silly and joyful gift.

Take, for example, the letter that Groucho sent when he received Eliot’s photograph in exchange:

The two finally met after 3 years of correspondence, but unfortunately their pen pal relationship fizzled soon after.  There is something so special and calming about a friendship over letters- perhaps it is the luxury of time to mull things over, put time into a response, and revisit certain conversations.

All of this has us thinking- if either of the prolific letter writers could have used Felix Doolittle stationery, which illustrations would they have chosen?  In my estimation, Eliot would likely chose the Vintage Typewriter illustration, but for Marx I have no question in my mind that the only thing for him would be… you guessed it: Men’s Club.


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