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Looking inward and thinking outward – an ode to Spring

by lorendoolittle

Pocket Mirrors by Felix Doolittle

Spring has arrived, at least by the measure of the light, but the days are still cold as a bear here in Boston. Maybe Spring has shown it’s face a little more generously where you live? Maybe you even already have crocuses and snowdrops? Or maybe forsythia, magnolias, and be still, the dogwoods and flowering cherries, apple, and plums are abloom? Just writing a list of the flowers to come feels like a prayer, a song, or a poem, an ode to Spring!

To remind you of Spring and everything new at Felix Doolittle, there are inspired new mirrors to see that come with a hand-sewn felt pouch and the cutest (and the most sophisticated) illustrations. There’s an Apple Blossom mirror in Hello! by Felix Doolittle, and you can find the others here under the Gifts tab. Here’s looking at you kid!

Pretty Pocket Mirrors by Felix Doolittle

Wherever you are in the blooming calendar, it’s time to shake off hibernation and get out again – meet your neighbors, meet new people, and network anew! There’s also a brand new crop of Personal Calling Cards to help forge those new relationships. Here’s a few of them that I had a fun time photographing. Continue through the gallery below and you’ll be rewarded with another 10 year anniversary giveaway!

pcc_9716 copy pcc_9729 copy 2 pcc_9740 copy

Personal Calling Cards by Felix Doolittle

Spring just makes you want to leap for joy, doesn’t it?!

pcc_9754 copy pcc_9760 copy Thistle - Personal Calling Cards by Felix Doolittle

Felix loves moss, terrariums, and aquariums. It used to be that he would redecorate the fish tanks when someone was coming for a visit (no kidding), but these days he creates terrariums filled with tiny-leafed little plants to create a miniature emerald world. I guess he can’t wait for Spring either! I decided that one of the new ones would make a grand backdrop.

pcc_9775 Purple and Red - Personal Calling Cards by Felix Doolittle Thistle - Personal Calling Card by Felix Doolittle Thistle - Personal Calling Cards by Felix Doolittle

 That’s just 4 of the new ones. There are many more new ones and old faves to see, and they’re

20% off through Mon, March 31st.


Go ahead and make an extraordinarily memorable impression!

Our 10 year anniversary giveaways continue!

The Prize: This time, a pack of Personal Calling Cards – but better – 12 each of 4 different calling card illustrations. This was a very coveted item in one of our giveaways last year, so I’m repeating it.

How to enter: Visit our site, and let us know in the comments below which illustration (from any department) you would like to see as a print to hang on your wall.  Enter through Monday, March 31st. (eeks, March is going fast!) I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, April 2nd.

Good luck and thanks for joining in the conversation!

Happy Anniversary FD!

Happy Spring!

Pink Poppies by Felix Doolittle

Felix Doolittle


Celebrating Books, Spring, and our 10 Year Anniversary!

by lorendoolittle

It is not yet Spring, but everyone knows it’s appearance is just a matter of time, days really. The sun has shifted and strengthened. The fig in our house has woken up and started blooming, albeit a little too early. The children know – their excitement escalates each day as night takes ever longer to finally fall. Soon every living thing will burst through and blossom, and we’ll rejoice that we made it through yet another winter, one filled with arctic vortexes and a landscape that was often hard and unforgiving.

As a reminder of what’s happily ahead, Felix drew some new illustrations. What’s coming? Green! Pinks! Purples! Tulips, heady lilacs, giant allium balls of little purple flowers, sweet tiny-flowered lily of the valleys, and peonies on bookmarks to brighten your day and reading. Here’s another new set for the purple-blue-indigo lovers called…

We’ve also updated our selection of Ex Libris Medallions and lowered their price because our artisan production team have gotten to be aces in cutting them more quickly with the same accuracy.  They feel more casual than the Bookplates, and I find I use them more readily without the decision or distinction of whether the book “warrants” a bookplate or not. They’re fun!

 Ex Lib Medallions by Felix Doolittle

We updated our Bookplates last Autumn and lowered their quantity and price so that’s it’s easier to choose multiples for different kinds of books. There’s a bunch of beautiful Felix illustrations in this collection, and they make an unique gift idea for any bookworm. Below is Felix’s drawing of Gapstow Bridge in Central Park, NYC in Spring. Aaah!

Central Park Bookplates by Felix Doolittle

The good news is that all these bookish products are 20% off* 

What are you reading?  I got caught up in the vortex of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series.  Quick aside: Did you know that J.K. Rowling is a big fan of Felix Doolittle and once bought up an entire stationery boutique’s stock of Felix Doolittle note cards? But I digress. Our son started reading the the series, and we all got caught up in the wondrously complex, delightful, and suspenseful world that she creates. Her writing is especially vivid and each scene is written with a photographer’s eye for the surrounding details of both place and character. We’re on Book 5 now, alternately reading it to ourselves and out loud for everyone to share in the experience.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  Swampwalkers-Journal-Cover-200x3001Felix is currently reading a book, which is humorous when you know Felix because you wonder why he didn’t write it himself, called  The Swampwalker’s Journal, A Wetlands Year.  Beautifully written and illustrated with a keen and poetic eye by David M. Carroll, I’m surprised I haven’t tried to set up a meeting between him and Felix as he lives just over the border in New Hampshire. The names of his two other books:  The Year of the Turtle and Trout Reflections would be perfect Father’s Day gifts for him along with a walk through a swamp with the author. Felix loves swamplands and reptiles. I used to think it was a funny (in a weird way), but have since learned to appreciate the unique life that lives in places where fresh water and land meet.

There are so many wonderful books to read, the hardest part is often just choosing which to read at any given moment!

Celebrating our 10th Year – The Giveaways Begin!

Did you know that Felix Doolittle is 10 years old?! It’s true. Time flies, and we thought we should get around to celebrating. Next week we’ll share the cake we’ll be having with you, and we’re planning on a number of giveaways. You are our gift, and our favors for being part of it all is our gifts back to you!

Our first giveaway is the book by Margaret Shepherd, The Art of the Handwritten Note. It’s a useful guide that really captures why handwriting a note is so special. She even gives some tips to improve your handwriting and ideas if you’re stymied on how to approach different types of notes. I enjoyed the book so much when I read it that Felix and I contacted and met with the author in her Boston studio. We’re giving away the book and a set of Ex Libris Medallions to two lucky winners.

The Art of the Handwritten Note

 Ex Libris Meds 2

To enter: Let us know in the comments below what book you’re reading, or the last one that you loved, PLUS a comment or suggestion for Felix Doolittle.

 *The 20% off sale on Illustrated Bookmarks, Ex Libris Medallions, and Bookplates continues through Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Felix Doolittle

We have our two winners – Kim Hoover Grubb and Bee Eastman!  Thank you all for entering!
Felix Doolittle

The Year of the Horse – 2014

by lorendoolittle

 opw horse racer bYou know those red placemats in Chinese restaurants that list the qualities of the animals of the Chinese zodiac and their years? Maybe they were the spark for some lighthearted conversation while you waited for your Salt and Pepper Shrimp, Ma Po Tofu, and Chinese greens to come to the table. Frankly, I never thought of it as more than entertainment, that is, until I took a trip with Felix to China. There, when you meet someone new, it’s not the usual American question, “What do you do for a living?” It’s,“What animal (year) are you?” When I visited people’s homes, I saw the animal year presented in art or sculpture along with their own animal year, sometimes as little tzochkes and sometimes as more substantial works of art and sculpture.  I began to feel a special kinship with my fellow animal friends (I’m a tiger) and to the animal of the year that is celebrated each lunar new year.

horse ceramic

It’s the Year of the Horse!  Are you a horse? They’re animated, energetic, positive sorts who are excellent communicators and love to take center stage.  It’s a year that should be good for travel as well as fast victories, unexpected adventure, and surprising romance according to astrologer Susan Levitt ( a nice Chinese name!).

"Shadow" Pocket Mirror

pm redcoat

Whether you’re a horse or not, having depictions of horses this year is said to bring good luck!

Here is a small gallery of some of Felix’s horse drawings perfect for The Year of the Horse:

Personalized Note Cards - Red Rider

Pride of the Ranch Bookmarks

opw_mustangs opw_chestnut opw_brownracehorse opw_lorenzo

bp_blackarrow ras2_jump ras2_onthehunt pcc_redrider

info_tyc2_slide_4Felix has always loved to draw horses and the sports they’re involved in.  He actually doesn’t ride or visit stables, he just has a deep appreciation of their beauty, form, strength, speed, nobility, and perseverance. You would think that Felix grew up on a horse farm, he is so inspired by them, but Felix grew up in bustling subtropical metropolis of Hong Kong!  Horses do however have deep and important roots throughout Chinese history.  Maybe he’ll do some Chinese inspired horses this year with pen and ink or in that more exacting style with subdued colors. I’ll keep you posted!

What animal are you?  Do you feel like the descriptions match your persona?

May it be a very happy Year of the Horse ahead!

Felix Doolittle

A set of note cards chosen by all

by lorendoolittle

Here it is – our first crowd-sourced collection of note cards chosen from the responses of our Valentine’s Giveaway held two weeks ago!

"Crowd Pleaser"

Peonies, Poppies, Lavender, and Hydrangea. The collection is called {Crowd Pleaser}.

This set, and all our Personalized Themed Note Cards, are on sale now in time for Valentine’s Day gifts for yourself or others here.

In case you’re wondering, I photographed these note cards on a luminous pink sari. Don’t you just love Indian textiles?! Just gorgeous.

Looking for smaller notes to write your loved ones sweet nothings on? Petite Love Notes are a collection of 9 little cards with hand-stamped hearts on the envelope perfect for writing sweet nothings for more days than  just Valentine’s Day.  Find your perfect set here.

Petite Love Notes

Flowers are some girls best friend! Are they yours?

Felix Doolittle

Giveaway: Love is Forever Fine Art Print

by lorendoolittle

Felix just created this illustration with the hand-lettered phrase, “love is forever” in Italian. Wouldn’t you love to hang this up somewhere in your home? We’re giving away one fine art print to one lucky winner!

Love is forever

To enter:

Let us know your favorite flower illustration Felix has drawn below. Or visit the Felix Doolittle site if you don’t see your favorite flower below, and tell us the name of the illustration. We’ll take the top 4 illustrations chosen and create a set of Themed Note Cards in time to purchase for yourself – or to request as a gift..hint hint – for Valentine’s Day. We’ll pick a random winner from the comments next Wednesday morning, January 22nd. Good luck and thanks for joining in conversation with us!

Flower illustrations by Felix Doolittle

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ― Rumi

Love is like a flower- you’ve got to let it grow.” ― John Lennon

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.  – Victor Hugo

Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time – like to have a friend takes time. – Georgia O’Keefe

Felix Doolittle

Kitchen Labels Add the “Wow!” to your Holiday Food Gifts

by lorendoolittle

Oval Kitchen Labels - Covered Bridge

I love being on the receiving end of friends and business associates who give home-cooked gifts during the holidays.  There’s one in particular that sticks in my memory that was a gift from a client of ours – Champagne Pecans.  They were so good, I may have taken the lion’s share for myself (and still thinking about them years later!).  Sorry Felix. And thank you Deirdre N. for that memorably delicious treat.  (I have since found that recipe online here.)

There was one Thanksgiving that our dear friend, Barbara Goodstein, came with a collection of cookies, each one more beautifully done and more delicious than the next. The thing that made Barb’s presentation to our family all the more special, was that she had her very own personalized baker’s label. It was a lightbulb moment for Felix and he started creating kitchen labels of his own.  Now, there are 3 different shapes and sizes and a great many choices for you to adorn your own home-created gifts (or a gift idea for those chefs), and they are all 20% off through Monday, October 28th.

Chef Medallions are small round labels that are perfect size for just about everything, and because they don’t list a particular food item, they can be used for many different creations.

Chef Medallions - Spiced Nuts

Oval Kitchen Labels, (oval, obviously) and the rectangular Canning Label both have a text line for a particular specialty, but if you like to use them for multiple purposes, leave the “Item Name” blank, and you can write it in yourself.

Canning Label - Hot Fudge

Oval Kitchen Labels

The labels really add a lot of story and color to your creation, don’t they?  Try choosing an interesting container…

Canning Label - Apple Picking

Oval Kitchen Label - Covered Bridge

Oval Kitchen Label - French Macaroons

As you can see, I’m in love with interesting ribbons.  You can also take a pretty piece of cloth and tie it around a jar for a pop of color, and softness.

Canning Label - Marmalade

Here we found a box with a clear lid for our chocolate almonds.

Chef Medallions - Cherry on Top

In this photo, I re-used some pretty empty tea containers for a stack of small cookies, and another holds real chocolate sprinkles.  The glass jar with the metal closure adds a nice homeyness for the homemade granola.

Chef Medallions

There are so many wonderful Felix drawings to choose from, and by adding ribbons, cloth, papers, and interesting containers you can really create a unique and personal element to your scrumptious creation! Have yourself a wonderful time!

Felix Doolittle Kitchen Labels

Know someone who cooks up a storm, and would love their own personalized labels, well, you now know just what to get them this holiday season.

Have any secrets or hints you’d like to share? Please share in the comment section below. Happy cooking and baking to all!

Enjoy the 20% OFF on all our kitchen labels:  

Chef Medallions, Oval Kitchen Labels, and Canning Labels

through Monday, October 28th EST.


FD red seal

Meet Ikootan, the Bon Vivant!

by lorendoolittle

Meet Ikootan!

Meet Ikootan:  Bon vivant*, dreamer, philosopher, adventurer and lover of all things joyful!

*A bon vivant is someone, in this case a fluffy black bird, who enjoys the good things in life.


Do you love  gardening, or picking flowers for a bouquet, or walking through a meadow with wildflowers?


Ikootan travels and is inspired to photograph the scene.

Felix Fu is the artist and designer behind Felix Doolittle (more on how the Doolittle portion of the name came around on another post). He created Ikootan – which means, fun to follow – as an alter ego (maybe?), or just to tap into the things that make life all the more enjoyable (most likely!)!


Of course Ikootan always writes his friends and family!

 All the Hello! Folded Note Cards come boxed with a rainbow themed spine – we chose yellows for the Ikootan themed ones because it’s such a sunny color.

ikootan Hello! Folded Note Card boxes

You can create your own set, or pick them individually with Hello! Single Cards. There’s 10 different scenes this season so that Ikootan lovers can really have some fun collecting and sending the perfect card.

Here’s two of them: Ikootan Joy Ride and Ikootan Puddle Jumping

Ikootan Joy Ride!

Ikootan Puddle Jumping

There are Notepads for keeping organized, grocery lists, laundry lists, and/or to-do lists.Hello! NotepadsNext time I’m going to Paris with Ikootan!

And there are fun pocket Mirrors in cute pouches too…

Hello! Mirrors | Ikootan

How cute are those?!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the beginning of the adventures of Ikootan!  Have a suggestion for Ikootan’s next illustration, let us know in the comments below.

Join the Ikootan Facebook page!

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