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The Art of Staying Connected – Personal Calling Cards

by lorendoolittle

Personal Calling Card - Bunting

When Felix first created these cards seven years ago, it was already a different time – people were using paper more than they do now. These days, we can meet someone and instantly type their numbers into the smart phone.  Done.

Except, then it’s in there.

It’s in that vast array of information we call our phones.

Now, try handing someone a Personal Calling Card, and you’ll find that exchange of information has a totally different trajectory and effect. It’s kind of like going from black and white to color. It moves from an exchange handled as perfunctory to personal. The art on the card tells the receiver something more than a bunch of numbers, it adds a different level of appreciation and memorability. Charm too.  It’s also a virtual versus tactile thing.  The person with the card in their hand feels the qualities of the paper, it’s weight, color, texture, and the rounded corners. Handing someone a card is a multi-sensory experience!

Maybe the recipient with your card goes home and places your card in front of their computer or on their bulletin board of meaningful-and-beautiful-things (Do you have one?).  They will probably also put your contact information into their smart phone.  And that’s ok, the positive impression was delivered.

Felix just gave our Personal Calling Cards a refresh by adding over 20 brand new illustrations!  We also kept some favorites from the past as well.  You can see the entire collection here.  Which one(s) speak to you, or of you?

Fruitful Tree

Personal Calling Cards - the art of staying connected and making a memorable impression.

20% off for one week only – until August 19th.

Do you have a story about giving out your Felix Doolittle Personal Calling Cards? Please share your story with us below; we’d love to hear it!

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Canning Book Giveaway!

by lorendoolittle

I’m not sure if it’s all the rain, but everything here is growing gangbusters!  We harvested more black raspberries than ever from our home garden, and the farmer’s market is a veritable party of vibrant colored vegetables and fruits.

produce photo d

It is truly time to preserve the bounty of the season.

We know we have a lot of canners or people who save the season in jars, and that’s what prompted our giveaway idea – the idea of visually sharing all that culling-of-the-season into a jar whether it’s for tomorrow’s breakfast or for the deepest days of winter (hopefully many days away).

concord grape and almond butter

Enter the giveaway!

Enter our giveaway to win a fabulous book about canning. In addition, Felix will write your name in calligraphy on a bookplate for the book which will send the book into your Land of Treasured Things.

canning photo 2

Here’s how:  Send us a photo of your Felix Doolittle Canning Labels, Chef Medallions, or Oval Kitchen Labels on your canned creation(s).  You can send us as many photos as you have different labels (Felix Doolittle only) and each will count as an entry. We will post them on our Facebook page and here on the FD blog.  The winner will be picked randomly from the choices sent.  For each 30 entries, we will add another book and bookplate for someone to win.

Send your photos and information to me at loren@felixdoolittle.com.  Please be sure to include your name and the item you created in the email.  If you’d like to share your recipe, please do!

Pickled Green Beans

Canning Labels!

Enjoying the photo session!

We look forward to receiving your entries!

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The Rainbow Connection

by lorendoolittle

Double rainbow in Boston

Sometimes synchronicity is all around us. Boston had one week with not one, but TWO double rainbows.  You can see the double rainbow reflected off the blue Hancock tower. If you’d like take a tour of Boston and see how the rainbows played against the city, click here or here.

Double rainbow over BostonIt seems that ever since we decided to make the spines of our new Hello line rainbow hued… they seem to be popping up everywhere. And often! What an absolute treat!  While we know how a rainbow is formed, you still can’t help feeling like you are in a state of grace when you see one.

Hello Mini Rainbow and French MacaronsHere’s our mini rainbow!

Then, because I obviously have rainbows-on-the-brain, I remembered Kermit the Frog’s song,  The Rainbow Connection.  You have  to take the few minutes to hear it.

And if you’re a lover and a dreamer like me, then you might want to take the next step,and read the lyrics.

But why stop there?  Hawaiian Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s  version of Somewhere over the Rainbow is so full of heart, and probably the first revision of that famous song that moved people to tears like Judy Garland’s did.

Just gorgeous.

For the purists, here’s Judy!

Ikootan jumping over puddles, and there too is a rainbow.  See it?

And the whole rainbow collection squared and tied with a lavender ribbon!rainbow squared

So, why are there so many, songs about rainbows?

Photo credits:   ANTIGONEXENE, http://pic.twitter.com/Tzp0oRuHhf, and all others, copyright Felix Doolittle

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Hello! by Felix Doolittle has arrived!

by lorendoolittle

Hello with Julian

That’s Julian, our son. He is the same age as Felix Doolittle – they’re twins of a sort.

Did you know Felix Doolittle is 10 years old this month?  We thought about how to celebrate – cake, ice cream, fresh summer fruit, of course – and also how we might reach out in a different way to share Felix’s art.  Hello! by Felix Doolittle is the birthday gift we created for you!  We’re also giving away three Ikootan posters as part of the celebration.  Continue reading to see how you can win one!

Hello! is color 

Hello! is exciting color, bigger pictures, new illustrations, and totally affordable!

Hello! Folded Note Cards


 These are our new Hello! Folded Note Cards.  Each box has 8 folded cards and envelopes, and with 8 different color-coded themes (5 boxes per theme color),  you can find all kinds of fun and useful must-have cards to have on hand.  You can find the entire collection here!

Orange is the color for the Many Thanks theme.  It’s always nice to have thank you cards when you need them.

Hello 6

Hello! Single Cards

If you love to pick and choose cards, you’ll find a playground of choices here.  Some of my favorite Hello! Single Cards are the “chalkboard” cards where you write in white, gold, silver, or copper markers.  They are so inspiring and fun to write on, and they were a big hit at the National Stationery Show in New York City where we launched the Hello! collection. (Next thing for us is to sell those markers so that you can be ready to write when the cards arrive at your door!)


Here’s another favorite Hello! Single Card that is perfect for invoking some of things we love about the sea and summertime.


There’s also Hello! Mirrors that make looking gorgeous very fun.


And Hello Notepads, with our favorite little black bird, and the mascot of Hello!, Ikootan.


You don’t know Ikootan?  Ikootan is the little black bird that Felix created that became the lovable mascot of Hello!  He’s a lover of leisure, travel, and adventure, a philosopher, and a dreamer with a heart of a child.   How would you like to win a poster of Ikootan?

The Birthday Giveaway!


Photo by Jane Potrykus for http://www.Simple-Pretty.com

We’re giving away these 3 Ikootan posters (unframed), and there are 3 ways to win!

1. Like Ikootan’s Facebook page between June 11th and June 18th. (If you’ve already liked that page, you will be included in the contest!)   

2. Place an order for any Hello! product (Folded Note Cards, Single Cards, Mirrors, Notepads) between June 11th and June 18th.

3. Repin one of our pins from our Hello! by Felix Doolittle board on Pinterest between June 11th and June 18th.


And just for fun, let us know which of Felix’s new illustrations are your favorites!

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Personalized Note Cards are back! …and at a delightful discount.

by robynfelixdoolittle


If you can believe it, these beauties are $30 OFF, but only until Monday. Makes a stellar gift for Mother’s Day.

We’re featuring fresh new designs including bright purple orchids, vintage travel designs, a glistening good luck charm, and just about the cutest little literary black bird you’ve ever seen.

Here’s  a sneak preview …then you have to come see for yourself!


$30 OFF until Monday, April 8th

(Spread the word!)

 You can browse the entire collection here.

Happy Spring!

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Friday Roundup…Let’s Get Creative!

by robynfelixdoolittle

Time to share our favorite picks from the week. Look at all the wonderful things people are creating! Take a peek at what we found online to jump start the weekend…

1. Garden & Gun’s 50 Best Photos of 2012. A must see.

GnG 2

Artist, Kiki Slaughter in her studio

2. Favorite Easter recipes from Gourmet – fresh ideas and delicious dishes.

3. This dream home is truly a vision.

 4. Story about Wendell Berry, “legendary conservationist, farmer, and writer.”

 5. Passover continues! New recipes to conclude the holiday.

Quinoa and Asparagus Salad – I’ve made this recipe last year and it was so tasty. It was an enormous hit with the dinner guests!

 6. Fabulous Easter egg design ideas.

 7. And another – gold leaf Easter egg DIY!

Gold-leafed Easter eggs

Gold-leafed Easter eggs

 8. More decorating – this time, the bedroom.  Fabulous and inspirational details.

 9. Decorating with house plants – bring the green in!

10. Leonid Tishkov’s ‘Private Moon’. A breathtaking mobile art installation for a dreamy weekend!

Private Moon, Leonid Tishkov

Private Moon – Leonid Tishkov

“See the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence…We need silence to be able to touch souls.”
- Mother Teresa

May you enjoy those little moments of silence AND the busy bustle ahead. Happy Friday!

We’re looking forward to fun times with family to end March on a sweet note. What are your plans? Any DIY or photography of your own? We’d love to hear about it!

Family Recipes and Stories

by mollyfelixdoolittle

Molly's cookies 1

Sweet smells flowing through the kitchen. Laughter around the table as we sink our teeth into fresh out of the oven treats. The simple feeling of family and tradition.

Growing up with three siblings was a blast!  Frolicking in the snow, smelling the spring flowers, running through the sprinkler to escape the scorching sun, and leaping into a giant pile of leaves are all snapshots of my childhood. No matter what the season, we spent a great deal of time in our giant backyard. However, the real joy happened when we came inside after a long day of play. The house would always smell like a bakery as my mom presented us with still warm cookies, brownies, Rice Krispies treats, or whatever caught her fancy that day.

Me and my sister, Kerry, in front of the July 4th cake my mom made. I can still taste the cake even now in  my mind.

Me and my sister, Kerry, in front of the July 4th cake my mom made. I can still taste how delicious this cake was!

Now, as an adult, I am humbled and in awe of my mother. The way she so effortlessly cared for four children, all of us close in age, was a real testament to her character. She applied the same care in her cooking.

What I remember most are her Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies? Two of my favorite things in one bite! Spectacular. Nowadays, I consider baking to be a great stress reliever. And what is better than a delicious cookie as the end result!

Below is the full recipe, directly from my mother’s kitchen to yours.

Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies
Makes 20-24 cookies

1 cup butter, 2 sticks
1 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
1 box instant vanilla pudding
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 pinch of cinnamon (optional)
2 cups all-purpose baking flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 ½ -2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

1. Using a stand or hand mixer, blend butter and sugar together in a medium sized bowl.
2. Add eggs and mix well.
3. Add vanilla pudding mix, vanilla extract, and a pinch of (optional) cinnamon.
4. In a separate bowl, sift flour, baking soda, and salt together.
5. Add into mixture until combined.
6. Pour in the chocolate chips and hand-mix them in.
7. Chill cookie dough (covered) in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.
8. Preheat over to 350°F
9. Use a spoon to scoop dough directly onto a teflon cookie sheet or use a greases or parchment-lined cookie sheet.
10. Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until golden on the edges. The cookies will look lighter than your average chocolate chip cookie.
11. Cool on the cookie sheet for approximately 5 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack.

The end result is a deliciously simple cookie that ignites your taste buds. It is impossible to just eat one. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best way to go, especially with four rambunctious kids.

Have a favorite family recipe? Consider our Recipe Cards as a great way to record a family-favorite or to create your own traditions to pass down. You can even get them personalized!  Now through the end of March, they are a delicious 30% off.  (Psst… these could be a great gift for Passover and Easter.)






Happy baking!

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