Kitchen Labels Add the “Wow!” to your Holiday Food Gifts

by lorendoolittle

Oval Kitchen Labels - Covered Bridge

I love being on the receiving end of friends and business associates who give home-cooked gifts during the holidays.  There’s one in particular that sticks in my memory that was a gift from a client of ours – Champagne Pecans.  They were so good, I may have taken the lion’s share for myself (and still thinking about them years later!).  Sorry Felix. And thank you Deirdre N. for that memorably delicious treat.  (I have since found that recipe online here.)

There was one Thanksgiving that our dear friend, Barbara Goodstein, came with a collection of cookies, each one more beautifully done and more delicious than the next. The thing that made Barb’s presentation to our family all the more special, was that she had her very own personalized baker’s label. It was a lightbulb moment for Felix and he started creating kitchen labels of his own.  Now, there are 3 different shapes and sizes and a great many choices for you to adorn your own home-created gifts (or a gift idea for those chefs), and they are all 20% off through Monday, October 28th.

Chef Medallions are small round labels that are perfect size for just about everything, and because they don’t list a particular food item, they can be used for many different creations.

Chef Medallions - Spiced Nuts

Oval Kitchen Labels, (oval, obviously) and the rectangular Canning Label both have a text line for a particular specialty, but if you like to use them for multiple purposes, leave the “Item Name” blank, and you can write it in yourself.

Canning Label - Hot Fudge

Oval Kitchen Labels

The labels really add a lot of story and color to your creation, don’t they?  Try choosing an interesting container…

Canning Label - Apple Picking

Oval Kitchen Label - Covered Bridge

Oval Kitchen Label - French Macaroons

As you can see, I’m in love with interesting ribbons.  You can also take a pretty piece of cloth and tie it around a jar for a pop of color, and softness.

Canning Label - Marmalade

Here we found a box with a clear lid for our chocolate almonds.

Chef Medallions - Cherry on Top

In this photo, I re-used some pretty empty tea containers for a stack of small cookies, and another holds real chocolate sprinkles.  The glass jar with the metal closure adds a nice homeyness for the homemade granola.

Chef Medallions

There are so many wonderful Felix drawings to choose from, and by adding ribbons, cloth, papers, and interesting containers you can really create a unique and personal element to your scrumptious creation! Have yourself a wonderful time!

Felix Doolittle Kitchen Labels

Know someone who cooks up a storm, and would love their own personalized labels, well, you now know just what to get them this holiday season.

Have any secrets or hints you’d like to share? Please share in the comment section below. Happy cooking and baking to all!

Enjoy the 20% OFF on all our kitchen labels:  

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