Meet Ikootan, the Bon Vivant!

by lorendoolittle

Meet Ikootan!

Meet Ikootan:  Bon vivant*, dreamer, philosopher, adventurer and lover of all things joyful!

*A bon vivant is someone, in this case a fluffy black bird, who enjoys the good things in life.


Do you love  gardening, or picking flowers for a bouquet, or walking through a meadow with wildflowers?


Ikootan travels and is inspired to photograph the scene.

Felix Fu is the artist and designer behind Felix Doolittle (more on how the Doolittle portion of the name came around on another post). He created Ikootan – which means, fun to follow – as an alter ego (maybe?), or just to tap into the things that make life all the more enjoyable (most likely!)!


Of course Ikootan always writes his friends and family!

 All the Hello! Folded Note Cards come boxed with a rainbow themed spine – we chose yellows for the Ikootan themed ones because it’s such a sunny color.

ikootan Hello! Folded Note Card boxes

You can create your own set, or pick them individually with Hello! Single Cards. There’s 10 different scenes this season so that Ikootan lovers can really have some fun collecting and sending the perfect card.

Here’s two of them: Ikootan Joy Ride and Ikootan Puddle Jumping

Ikootan Joy Ride!

Ikootan Puddle Jumping

There are Notepads for keeping organized, grocery lists, laundry lists, and/or to-do lists.Hello! NotepadsNext time I’m going to Paris with Ikootan!

And there are fun pocket Mirrors in cute pouches too…

Hello! Mirrors | Ikootan

How cute are those?!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the beginning of the adventures of Ikootan!  Have a suggestion for Ikootan’s next illustration, let us know in the comments below.

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